Damiani Nicola


Nicola Damiani


Date of Birth: 04-05-1972

Place of Birth: Bari, Italy

Citizenship: Italian



2002-2008 Autodidact

2002-2004 Figurative Laboratory of Ioannina, Greece


From 2005 has his own workshop of art in Ioannina, Greece.


Personal Expositions

2002 Thimomeno Portraito (Gallery-Bar)

2003 Thimomeno Portraito (Gallery-Bar)

2005 Thimomeno Portraito (Gallery-Bar)

2008 Intellectual Centre of Ioannina

2008 University of Ioannina (Library)


Collective Expositions

2003-2004 Thimomeno Portraito (Gallery-Bar)

2005 Intellectual Centre of Ioannina

2006 Town Hall of Filipiada (Greece)

2007-2008 Ioannina, Syros, Corfu, Paris ( www.charte-responsabilites-humaines.net/spip.php?article1613 )

2008 savona itali

2009 mosca ,sanpietroinburgo (russia),teano (italia)


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Κλείσιμο Παραθύρου